10 Questions of Nawaz Sharif and Full Speech at Lawyers Convention

Nawaz Sharif has again started campaign against his disqualification decision. Though he wasn’t well but he presented his case and put forth 10 questions to lawyers and nation. Here are his 10 questions and his full speech at Lawyers’ Convention at Aiwan e Iqbal.

Nawaz Sharif’s 10 Questions

1. Have WhatsApp calls even been made to constitute investigation teams?

2. Has such a JIT ever been constituted to probe allegations?

3. Why were the members of secret agencies handed over responsibility to investigate Panama case?

4. Did Supreme Court bench offered timely supervision of JIT probe?

5. Did any petition requested investigated into Dubai offshore company or my salary?

6. Can dictionary be used to trace meanings?

7. In 70 years of history, did four decisions come in one case verdict?

8. Can the same judge be appointed for monitoring who gave verdict against me?

9. Do the judges have right to give decisions despite not going through the report?

10. Can trial court work independently under the supervision of Supreme Court judge?

Nawaz Sharif Full Speech at Lawyers Convention | PakDestiny

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