10 things – if it’s lust or love

Many marriages end because what spouses thought was love was mere lust. Also, the primary problem with lust is that it can never be satisfied, and the absence of real love causes a person to lose interest in the flame of what they thought will last a lifetime.

So, if you are in a relationship of almost on the threshold of one, wait and ponder if you should really take that final plunge….

Here are some of the signs of lust:

1. You’re totally in awe of the person’s features.

2. You’re focused on how ‘cool’ the person’s appearance is.

3. Your conversations are always unreal and flirtatious.

4. You’re obsessed around that person.

5. You’re more like love birds than friends.

6. You’re interested in having sex more than anything else.

7. You’re more drawn to where that person is in life than the heart of the individual.

8. You’re insensitive to everyone else around you and care only about what you can get through that relationship.

9. Lack of attention drives you to be a person you are never proud to be.

10. You place a greater focus on the fantasies than the actual facts and responsibilities of a relationship. TNN

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