14 Pakistani actresses & their cosmetic surgeries. Sara Loren(Mona Lizza) and Mishi Khan surgeries are worst

Here are the 14 Pakistani actresses who probably have done some sort of cosmetic surgeries to look pretty. Though not all actresses in the video seems to have done cosmetic surgeries but one thing is quite sure that Sara Lore previously know as Mona Lizza and Mishi Khan have played havoc to their natural beauty.

You may also find others who were pretty before the surgery and even you may not agree on some these 14 celebs that they even have had any surgery. But personally we really miss the old look of Sara Loren and Mishi Khan. What is your thought? And by the way the compiler of this video confused the Amna Sheikh with Aaminah Haq. | PakDestiny

Compiled By : You TV


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