Pak Celebrity Couples and Their Age Differences

Here is a video compilation of famous Pakistani celeb couples and the age difference between them. Few of them have a big difference and their but others who are showcased in this video have a not that “BIG” difference in their age.

Video is titled as “celeb couples with HUGE age differences” which is not the case. For example the age difference between Waseem Akram and his wife is 20yrs and Syed Noor and Saima got 15 years age difference which can be considered “Huge” but in case of Syra-Sheroz and Afzal Khan-Shaiba they just have 3 and 5 years difference which is obviously not “Huge”. Lets find out which couple has the biggest age difference. Also there is one couple who by now has already been “Expired” I mean Jana Malik and Nouman Javaid.

Compiled by YouTv

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