5 Ways to Prevent Emotional Eating

News Desk; Many have turned weight loss into a hopeless effort aimed at reaching the stars leading to desperation. In a number of scientific studies, what has turned out apparent is the fact that most of the hunger is emotional rather than physical. Emotional eating is what we do when we want to make ourselves better using food especially when we are bored, stressed, anxious or even sad. Don’t we celebrate happy moments with lots of foods too? All these sabotage our efforts for weight loss thus messing up our overall well being. 5 ways to prevent emotional binge eating includehh

1. Laugh those calories off

You can boost your metabolism by simply watching your favorite sitcom. New studies have revealed that having an hour of intensive laughter is capable of burning an equal amount of calories as a half-hour workout in the gym. Take a break at work and watch funny clips on You Tube for example, rather than snacking. The latest researches from the University of Westminster have shown that watching a horror movie, that is if this is your favorite, can help you burn as many calories as a walk of 30 minutes can.

2. Acknowledge even the least of the changes

Boosting your spirits sometimes is as simple as reminding yourself of the far you have come. Be proud when that roll between your blouse and trousers disappears. Acknowledge the small changes in your weight by shopping for a new bra and dropping a size. These changes vary with individuals. Find out what it is for you even if it means literally looking for sneaky signs that you have lost weight. The signs could be that you have noticed your face is slimmer, your clothes are fitting more loosely and you have received compliments from friends among many others. You mustn’t keep this to yourself. Post it on your bathroom mirror or by your desk as a reminder if you cannot afford to have it on your Facebook Timeline.

3.  Do not stop moving

Do not stay glued on the TV mindlessly reaching for snacks. Instead, get moving during the commercial breaks.  Studies have shown that an individual is capable of binging 40% more food while watching television as compared to during other activities. That is why it is paramount to be on the move at commercial breaks. Try simple workouts like 1-minute fat releasing. By the time the program resumes, you discover that you do not need the cookie jar.

4. Find out whether you are really just hungry

Any time you feel anxious or bored, there are high chances that you will consume whatever is available in the house. If you find yourself reaching for the kitchen, stop and establish whether you really are hungry or it is your mind pulling you towards the contents in your refrigerator. How often do you confuse thirst with hunger? Get a glass of water and keep yourself busy with a relaxation activity such as curling up with your favorite magazine.

5.  Sunlight is not that bad after all

The early night falls can at times be so depressing driving most of individuals to winter comfort foods like fat- loaded Mac & cheese as well as calorie-bomb cappuccinos. It is not hard to keep cravings of these foods at bay. A brief walk during the day, whether it is rainy or cloudy can do. This exercise encourages a combination of brief aerobic movement and natural sunlight which makes you feel recharged and not hungry.

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