Moonis Elahi sees huge spending on publicity of “Madam Thief Minister” a crime against the people of Punjab

Moonis Elahi sees huge spending on publicity of "Madam Thief Minister" a crime against the people or Punjab

By Irum Saleem

— Moonis questions Punjab government’s pretext of having no money for health card but for hiring actors, media persons and social media influencers for Maryam’s praise

THE Punjab government of PMLN has come under scathing criticism for allegedly spending a huge sum of money on the projection of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz whom PTI senior leader Moonis Elahi called “Madam Thief Minister”.

     “Punjab government does not have money for health card but for the hollow publicity of Madam Thief Minister it has billions of rupees to give away to actors, media persons and social media influencers,” Mr Moonis Elahi said on X on Saturday.

      Mr Moonis further said that for her fake publicity hurting the destitute will only result downfall of this fake government very soon.

حکومت پنجاب کے پاس صحت کارڈ کیلئے پیسے نہیں مگر ‎#MadamThiefMinister کی جھوٹی پبلسٹی کی خاطر میڈیا، فنکاروں اور سوشل میڈیا انفلواینسرز کو ادا کرنے کیلئے اربوں روپے موجود ہیں۔ اپنی جھوٹی واہ واہ کیلئے بیماروں اور دکھیاروں کی آہ کو نظرانداز کرنے والی حکومتوں کا انجام ہمیشہ عبرتناک ہوا ہے”

      According to a BBC report, numerous influencers and actors have publicly supported various initiatives by the Punjab government of Maryam Nawaz over the past 100 days.

    Prominent figures such as Yasir Hussain, Ayesha Omar, and Sanam Saeed have praised projects ranging from digital education reforms to minority protections and healthcare improvements.

    In an interview with the BBC, Actress Saba Faisal confirmed that some videos were part of a ‘paid promotion,’ directly contradicting Punjab’s Minister of Information Azma Bukhari, who denied these claims.

   Sabah Faisal recounted how she faced pressure to produce a video quickly, which led to online backlash and abusive comments, causing her to remove the video initially.

   “During these promotional efforts, some influencers, including vlogger Hamza Bhatti, have chosen not to participate, citing ethical concerns and a commitment to maintaining their integrity” says the report. PAK DESTINY

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