PTI shocked seeing Shehbaz government granting blanket powers of phone tapping to ISI

By Irum Saleem

— PTI demands SC to annul cabinet’s notification forthwith

— PTI says govt’s actions part of scheme to turn Pakistan into fascist state

PTI shocked seeing Shehbaz government granting blanket powers of phone tapping to ISI

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has vehemently condemned the federal cabinet’s notification to give blanket powers to ISI to intercept calls and message under the guise of national security in sheer violation of constitution and law, demanding the Supreme Court (SC) to annul this notification forthwith.

PTI spokesperson Raoof Hasan strongly reacted to the mandate thief government’s notification granting phone tapping powers to ISI and vowed that they would vociferously raise the issue at all fora because this decision was a stark reminder of the government’s disregard for the privacy and rights of citizens.

“This move is a clear violation of the constitution and laws of Pakistan, and is a continuation of the ruling party’s attempts to suppress dissent and opposition,” he added.

He said the government’s actions were a continuation of their efforts to turn Pakistan into a fascist state.

The PTI said that the so-called champion of democracy were quite happily putting a stamp of acceptance over every dictatorial decree.

However, he made it clear that this permission would inflict an irreparable damage to the reputation of the intelligence agencies, it would further erode the trust of citizens in the spy agencies because the constitution guaranteed every citizen with the fundamental right to complete privacy.

He pointed out that the mandate thieves were on the path of criminal deviance from the constitution in order to prolong their unjust rule, as the entire state had already been under the influence of the extra-constitutional and legal activities of secret agencies, who had not regard and respect for the sanctity of four walls.

He stated that spy agencies are violating the basic rights of citizens ranging from elections to courts without any legal justification, adding that they installed secret cameras in the residences of the prime minister, ministers, judges, government guest houses and jail cells across the country.

    The PTI spokesperson further said that it was already a herculean task to rein in the unbridled illegal and unauthorized activities and the scandalous business of audio-video leaks in the country and the permission of the cabinet would further embolden them, as even Sharifs would not save from these unlawful activities.

   He went on to say that the extra-constitutional rights given to these unbridled agencies under the guise of so-called “national security” was at the mercy of terrorists.

   The PTI said that the “National security” could not be secured by installing cameras in the bedrooms of citizens, eavesdropping on their private conversations or making them forcibly disappear.

It emphasized that “National security” means good security, respect for the constitution and law, rearrangement of priorities and focusing on the real causes of terrorism.

It said that if the country was left at the mercy of jungle raj, no nobleman would be able to escape its multi-faceted evil. PAK DESTINY

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