67% imported edibles items found Haram in Pakistan

Authorities on Monday revealed that nearly 67 percent of imported edible items available in Pakistani markets contain Haram (forbidden in Islam) ingredients.

Ministry of Science and Technology Additional Secretary Mian Aijaz presented a list of 23 items before the lawmakers at a meeting of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee.

According to reports, the members were briefed by the secretary that 67 per cent of edible items imported from foreign countries contain Haram ingredients. He said the items, including chips, yogurt, pizza, chicken, noodles, are available in Pakistani markets, especially at filling stations and markets.

The committee was told that Pakistan has been importer of the food items from Holland, Spain, USA, UK, France, Denmark, Indonesia and other countries for last several years.

The secretary said that people are compelled to eat those items since there is no authority in the country to ensure implementation of Halal standards.

The committee called for ban on sale of Haram items, and convened a meeting of relevant federal and provincial authorities on Thursday to discuss the issue.

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