7 disasterous beauty habits you must break

News Desk; When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brush and sponge? Do your exotic beauty treatments always end at your jawline? Do you ditch sunscreen when it’s not really sunny outside ?

If you are a victim of any one of these bad beauty habits, you must rework you strategy if you want to work your way towards problem free skin. You may be spending a bomb on luxury beauty products but neglecting certain basic beauty care rules out of ignorance or sheer laziness can cause serious damage to your skin. So, read on, and mend your ways, girls.

1. Using moisturiser only when your skin feels dry: Moisturiser is not something that you use only when your face feels taut and dry. Moisturisers are meant to hydrate your skin, replenish lost moisture, and also help make your skin less sensitive to harsh weather. There’s no way you can cut them out from your daily skin care routine, if a glowing complexion is on your agenda.

2. Sleeping with your makeup on: Makeup, if not removed before hitting the bed can clog pores, cause ugly zits, blemishes, premature wrinkles and even skin infections. You must allow your skin to breathe and to do so, you need to remove oil and dirt from pores before you sleep. Use a cleanser to wipe away makeup and finish off with a toner, and go to bed with your skin feeling fresh.

3. Stressing too much : Stress is one of the biggest enemies of beauty, and can lead to hair loss, premature wrinkles, premature greying, breakouts, and also give you puffy pug eyes. Therefore, the mantra is to keep cool, keep calm, and stay beautiful.

4. Skipping sunscreen when it’s not sunny outside:  You thought sunscreens are only meant for sunny days? The truth is that even when the sun is not around, its rays are very much there, causing damage to your skin. The UVA rays of the sun  pass through clouds, and cause your skin to age. So, never step out of your house unless you have liberally slapped on sunscreen to your face.

5. Not cleaning makeup brushes and sponge:  If you do not clean your makeup brushes and sponge regularly, bacteria and mold start building up, causing severe skin infection and allergies. Make sure that you give a good rinse to your brushes and sponge at least once a month with luke warm water and soap.

6. Extracting grey hair:  This is what most of who do not have many grey hair do. We feel lazy doing a colour touch up and end up plucking grey hair. The grey hair grows back soon, and it’s tougher to conceal because it comes back short and stubby. So, be patient, let grey hair grow, and simply colour it up.

7. Ignoring your neck:  Do your fingers stop at the jaw line whenever you are applying face pack or night cream ? You may have to pay for this step motherly treatment you’re giving to your neck. The skin of the neck area is more delicate than your face, and can develop fine lines and even sag if neglected. So, make sure to include your neck and décolletage every time you indulge in a luxe skin treatment.(Agency)

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