92 News reporter Irza Khan Fell from the crane during live report

Few months back 92 News TV reporter Irza Khan was reporting PTI’s Jalsa. She was sitting on crane but suddenly she fainted during the report and fell from the at least 10-15 feet height. Irza Khan was taken to hospital immediately and thankfully she recovered from the injuries and got back to work. And for all those mindless social media managers Irza Khan is Alive and Well and currently working for ARY News.

But what’s interesting in this whole news is that she was declared dead by some social media goons. Nobody tried to verify before posting Irza Khan’s video. And eventually Indian news media made a couple of documentary reports and tried to investigate on the reality of Irza Khan’s viral video. Here we are publishing the actual viral video where Irza Khan fell from crane and got hurt. And the second news report made by ABP News of India. | PakDestiny

Irza Khan’s Viral Video On Social Media

ABP News Report on Irza Khan


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