92News earns bad name for media by blocking road for its anniversary show

klasra n 92
By Moniba Ali (Pakdestiny.com) Media which is champion of people’s rights is often found crushing them under its own feet.
On Saturday 92News shamelessly blocked the road outside its office in Gulberg Lahore for several hours only to celebrate its first anniversary, thus causing huge problems for the people.
The shameful TV channel caused a lot of problems to the residents of Gurumanget, Gulberg, for hours as some ‘VIPs’ had to grace its first-anniversary show at its office… what a big shame for the media as a whole.
Through such things the media is not setting a good example. It exposes the people involved in wrongdoings but who will expose such media outlets when they are involved in such shameful acts?
It was ironical to see ‘top investigative journalist’ Rauf Kalasra giving awards to some fellow journalists at 92News at the time when outside its office traffic mess was witnessed because of the closure of the road in collaboration with police.
The 92News management must have influenced the police of Shahbaz Sharif to get this favour. One only comments … what a shame. — Pak Destiny

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