PTI blasts FO for silence over US warning of imposing sanctions for doing business with Iran

By Irum Saleem

—Shehbaz govt should issue befitting, solid response to the US for threatening statement 

   Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf The (PTI) lashed out at the puppet government for its silence over the US’s warning of imposing sanctions against Pakistan for doing business with Iran, which raised many questions and urged the Foreign Office to issue a befitting, solid and unambiguous response on the issue as the nation would not compromise on its sovereignty, autonomy and national integrity come what may. 

   A PTI spokesperson, in a strongly-worded statement on Wednesday, expressed deep concerns over the silence of the Pakistani government and the Foreign Office over the US State Department’s threatening statement pertaining to the Pak-Iran mutual economic cooperation and said that the FO’s silence on the issue raised several important questions about the puppet government’s foreign strategy.

He said that the government devoid of public support and mandate did not have the courage and capability to adopt a solid strategy regarding the sovereignty and independent foreign policy of Pakistan.

He said that being a free and sovereign state, Pakistan had full authority to chalk out an independent foreign policy based on its national interests, adding that making defence and autonomy of Pakistan inviolable through independent foreign policy was the topmost agenda of the PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan.

He said that Imran Khan had taken all possible measures to promote cordial relations with all countries by following the principle of mutual cooperation.

The PTI spokesperson lamented that Imran Khan was being punished for his stance of Haqeeqi Azadi of the nation, adding that public expressed full confidence in PTI by giving overwhelming mandate on February 8 to make Pakistan self-reliance state; however, mandate thieves were imposed on the nation fraudulently.

He noted that the silence on the recent statement after the failure of the federal government to adopt a clear cut policy on the US administration’s sanctions on entities supplying items for Pakistani missile program was tantamount to jeopardizing the country’s security and sovereignty.

The PTI sought an explanation from the Pakistani government on the situation related to the American statement and demanded that the FO to give a strong response to the US administration’s threatening statement because Pakistan was an independent sovereign country. PAK DESTINY

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