‘A ‘fixed’ interview of PM Imran Khan’ on completion of his two years in office

'A 'fixed' interview of PM Imran Khan' on completion of his two years in office

By Irum Saleem

One can only enjoy the statement of our anchor Kamran Khan that he never experienced that ‘excellent interview” with Prime Minister
Khan in his journalism life.

Perhaps one can call it a best ‘arranged question/answer session’.
Kamran who is known journalist toeing the line of establishment since his birth in journalism.

During the interview he put the PPP in court pleading PM Khan to intervene in the Sindh government for the relief of Karachi people.

He was all praise of the PTI government. PM Khan gave the example of Tehran saying it is the best city because of Mayor or local body system.
But mausoom Kamran did not date to ask why PM Khan packed up the local body system in Punjab after coming to power. Punjab has been deprived of local body system and mayor for the last two years of PTI rule. The hypocrisy is on top here.

Kamran Khan got so carried away that he declared his interview the best his journalist life. He even down scaled former US president George Bush.
See what he says in his tweet:

وزیر اعظم عمران خان سے د کھنٹے طویل انٹرویو میری پروفیشنل لائف کا بہترین تجربہ رہا میرے وائٹ ہاؤس میں صدر جارج بش کے انٹرویو کے تجربہ سے بھی بہتر سوالات سب پوچھے جوابات آپ جانچیں فیصلہ دیں انٹرویواختتام پر وزیر اعظم سے ہینڈ شیک نہ کرنے کی روایت توڑی کورونا بہتری انجوائے کی!”

Kamran Khan should better stop fooling the people. — PAK DESTINY


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