A ‘mummy daddy’ becomes Pak first ‘Chief National Security Correspondent’ – Is it a joke?

Islamabad (Pakdestiny.com) Another ‘self-righteous’anchor Wajahat S Khan who is supposedly best fitted for showbiz has become Mian Amer Mahmood’s ‘torpedo’ with regard to maintain his relations with the security agencies.
It seems DunyaNews TV has become a ‘dumping ground’ of BOL millionaire anchors. After Kamran Khan and Iftikhar Ahmed Wajahat is another ‘feather’ to Amer Mahmood’s cap.
Wajahat S. Khan has joined Dunya Media Group as its Chief National Security Correspondent. Lovely isn’t it. At least Pakistani media too has started inducting ‘National Security Correspondents’. Will this mummy daddy TV star pick up some strength to go along with the army jawans to North Waziristan being a ‘security correspondent’ to watch the military operation on ground.
Mian Amer should better produce a movie and give him and some other stars of his TV team to perform. And for God sake “Don’t joke with this title ‘Chief National Security Correspondent”. By Kiran Bokhari

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