A super dad

A very moving letter is written by a student of LGS Lahore depicting his feelings for his father in class work.

It is worth reading. Pak Destiny is sharing with its readers.

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My Father

My father is a lawyer dealing with white collar crime cases. He likes wearing black clothes like coats, pants and shirts. He is known by his positive attitude and intelligence towards every way of life. He is always neat and tidy because he gets his shoes polished, clothes ironed and gets a haircut when required. He also freshens up his mind by waking up early and exercising daily for a healthy life. His appearance resembles his passion for law.
My father is a very generous and sociable man. He is very honest and straightforward towards cases, he gets earned of, which makes him a trustworthy and honourable man. Alongside of his career, my father is very cooperative with us. He makes us enjoy every aspect of our life and this makes him a Super Dad for me and my sister. He never lets us feel bored and this is what makes up his personality.

Mustafa Ali Muzaffar
S/o Advocate Sahibzada Muzaffar Ali
Mustafa is studying in O Levels at LGS Defense Lahore[/perfectpullquote]


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