Aamir Khan collapsed during the shoot of ‘Dangal’

We all know how seriously Aamir Khan takes his roles, however, this time the actor’s perfectionism backfired, landing him straight in the hospital.

The superstar collapsed on the sets of his upcoming sports biopic Dangal during a shooting schedule in Ludhiana, Punjab.

According to The Indian Express, sources from the set claim that Aamir suffered from muscle spasms in the back and thighs. “Aamir had been filming a long action sequence that required multiple takes from different angles. When he slumped during the final take, the unit thought he had pulled a muscle.

“He was in excruciating pain even after half an hour of rest and ice packs. He couldn’t even stand up. He was then rushed to the hospital where it was diagnosed that he had suffered a serious shoulder injury,” said the source.

Aamir, who plays real-life wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat in the film, has been famously piling on the kilos in order to portray the 60-year-old.


The sources also said that the muscle spasm was a result of intense workout schedule which the actor is currently following, which includes practising wrestling for prolonged hours to complete the shoot.

The Dangal crew has been shooting in Ludhiana for 40 days and the schedule was only three weeks away from wrapping up. Aamir, who has been wrestling for four hours on a daily basis, suffered this injury despite being under the watchful eyes of an on-set physiotherapist, a gym instructor and a local wrestler.

He will return to Mumbai today and will reportedly be on painkillers and complete bed-rest for the next eight days. While the injury is likely to heal soon, it may affect the shooting schedules of Dangal.

The PK star is supposed to slim down to play a younger, leaner version of Phogat, however, this process of losing weight, which was supposed to begin in December, is likely to get delayed now.

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