Acid Victim Exposed Real & Ugly Face of Sharmeen Chinoy. Suffering Badly Due to “Saving Face”

Victim of acid attack survivor Rukhsana Bibi exposed Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy who made documentary “Saving Face” on acid victim which later won Oscar and brought overnight fame to Sharmeen. But the true and ugly face of Sharmeen has just been exposed by the acid victim Rukhsana Bibi.

According to Rukhsana she was promised to be given 3 million rupees, a house and plastic surgery of her face but not any of these promises was fulfilled. She also told to Express that Sharmeen ruined her domestic life and tried fraudulently to get her thumb impression on stamp papers.

Sharmeen Chinoy refuted all allegations and said “does she(Rukhsana) have any documented proof or agreement of all these?”. Well Ms Chinoy, Rukhsana was illiterate but not all rest of us. An illiterate village girl would have agreed to work only after all the agreement documents are signed by filming company? Not everyone is “stupid”. | PakDestiny

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