What actually happened to Abb Takk anchor Sana?

sana faisal

By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) Pakistani media in general and Abb Takk TV channel in particular have failed to find out what really happened to anchor Sana Faisal who was reportedly poisoned by a ‘fan’ last Sunday.
According to unverified reports, anchor of ‘Khufia programme’ Sana Faisal, was allegedly approached by a ‘fan’ in Karachi who asked her for a selfie and an autograph. The fan also reportedly gave Faisal ice cream which she ate innocently and fell unconscious.

She was admitted to Karachi’s Ashfaq Memorial Hospital and is said to be in a stable condition.
The husband of the TV host told the police that the couple went outside their home in Bufferzone area where a youngster came insisted for a selfie with the host and offered an ice-cream to her which reportedly intoxicated her.
What is the real story behind… the media needs to investigate as it is the matter of a person from its fraternity. “Is the Abb Takk deliberately hiding… or its crime reporters are so resource-less that they could not find out what exactly happened to the female anchor. Pak Destiny


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