Adil Gilani bringing ‘bad’ name to Transparency International by giving ‘clean chits’ to government and others

By Sarmad Ali

Islamabad, March 14 ( In a record week or so time Transparency International has declared almost all contracts of Metro Bus Project of Punjab government, isn’t it a big joke?
This Pakistan chapter of TI headed by Adil Gilani is trying to fool the people.
Will Adil tell the people, is it practically possible to examine a single contract of total 29 ones of the metro bus project in 10 days keeping in view all PAPRA and other related rules.
Shahbaz Sharif’s effort to get clean chit from this ‘fraud local chapter’ of TI in a quick time will not help him win extra votes as people can’t be fooled any more.
According to NAB, it has been examining this project for the last two months and it will take more time to issue its report on irregularities in multi-billion metro bus project.
The TI should better investigate the role of Adil and show him the door to using its name in giving clean chits to the government and several other organizations. – Pak Destiny


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