Admission of ‘crime’ of selling foreign gifts worth millions in Dubai by Imran Khan has rattled his followers

Admission of 'crime' of selling foreign gifts worth millions in Dubai by Imran Khan has rattled his followers

By Raza Ruman

  It is certain that Imran Khan cult will never mind his confession of selling Toshakhana (national treasury gifts) to open market in Dubai and make awake with millions.

    Khan’s certified big mouth Fawad Chaudhry does not see any moral otherwise crime in selling gifts he received from foreign state dignitaries. What a shame for a man of the stature of Imran Khan. This acts shows Imran is rather a ‘little man’.

   Pakistan’s new Prime Minister  Shehbaz Sharif on Friday confirmed Imran sold foreign gifts in Dubai.

  As per the country’s law, any gift received from dignitaries of a foreign state must be put in the state depository or the Toshakhana.

Shehbaz Sharif has accused ousted premier Imran Khan of selling valuable Toshakhana gifts, including diamond jewellery, worth Rs 140 million in Dubai, inflicting a loss to the national exchequer

  “I can confirm that Imran Khan took gifts from Toshakhana and sold them in Dubai for Rs 140 million (USD 7.6 lakh). Valuable gifts include diamond jewellery, bracelets, watches and sets”, he said.

Shehbaz said that he also got a watch once which he had deposited in the Toshakhana.

“I don’t need to hide anything.

The Khan government had been reluctant to share details about gifts retained from Toshakhana when sought by many as he had made a lot of money by this form of corruption…what a shame for this man who ran anti corruption campaign relentlessly.

An inquiry has been initiated against Khan by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for selling a precious necklace from Toshakhana, inflicting a loss to the national exchequer.

The necklace was sold to a jeweller in Lahore through Zulfi Bukhari, former Special Assistant to Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development for Rs 180 million, while only a fraction of that amount was paid to Toshakhana, the report said.

In response to the allegations, Bukhari said that there was no truth in reports about the selling of a necklace.

Talking to Geo News, he said that there never had been any talk about the necklace and the allegations were ill-founded and baseless.

Meanwhile, former information minister Fawad Chaudhry said that Khan purchased the watch from the government which was received as a gift from a foreign country.

He said that no matter what the price of the watch is “if it is mine I can sell that watch nobody should have a problem with it.”

   Nothing but shame for Khan and his men after this scandal. PAK DESTINY

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