Aftab Iqbal shakes hand with Lakhani after differences with MSR over money and show issues

By Sarmad Ali

( Aftab Iqbal left the GeoNews after developing differences over his show ‘Kybernaak’.
Sources in Jang/Geo media group told Pak Destiny that its owner Mir Shakilur Rehman had asked Aftab Iqbal to make his show more lively as it was getting bored. He also objected on the inclusion of ‘some characters’ in the show which he though were useless but Aftab was determined to keep them for ‘personal reason’.
Besides, Aftab demanded more money. MSR asked him to improve his rating first then demand more. Aftab who already had offer from Sultan Lakhani, owner of Express media group and the rival of MSR, told Lakhni that he is saying good bye to Geo ‘how much you offer me’.
Let’s see how long he stays with Express group. Pakdestiny

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