After Hareem Shah’s open money laundering confession will FIA grill Sheikh Rashid to find out truth?

After Hareem Shah's open money laundering confession will FIA grill Sheikh Rashid to find out truth?

By Irum Saleem

    Yet another big smack on the face of beleaguered Imran Khan government when TikToker Hareem Shah declared about her open money laundering.

   This shame should directly feel by PM Khan, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi as they have her visited foreign office, PM chair and other important place with impunity.

   Now so much so she is embarrassing her friends openly.

   In her video, widely shared on social media and recorded recently after the Murree incident, Ticktoker star Hareem Shah is shaming Pakistani authorities, especially federal investigation agency and others for their incompetence to stop laundering of money she took to the UK. What a shame… Sheikh Rashid being head of FIA should take responsibility of this. Aik aurat Naiy isko zalil karka eakh diya.

    Niamat Khan on Twitter said: “The TikTok star, who has easy access to government offices and officials, has recorded videos with several influential people including the Pakistan’s interior minister Rashid.”

  Another Twitter user says “‏‎‎جس مرد اور عورت سے حیا کی چادر گر جاے تو پورے عوام کےلئے عذاب بن جاتی ھے۔ان عیاش اور کرپٹ حکمرانوں، جس جس کے بیڈروم تک یہ صاحبہ پھنچی ھے،کےلے خطرے کی گھنٹی بجنا شروع ۔

ویسے بھی یہاں قانون صرف بے بس اور لاچار کے لئے ھے۔ایان علی اور حریم جیسوں کے لئے نہیں۔”

Musa said: “At least there is someone who is exposing this system of Pakistan, besides her own show off.”

  Umaur said “How can someone clearly say such bad words for our system?

Whatever our system is, No one has the right to say such bad words on an app that the whole world is using. Shameful act and Hareem Shah should apologise for that.”

    So nothing could be so shameful for authorities and PTI walas.

    Let’s see how FIA acts after her open confession of money laundering. And will FIA also investigate Sheikh Rashid as she openly saying no body can stop her implying that she has a support or a powerful man? PAK DESTINY

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