Aleem Khan — no more a friend of PM Khan — stage set to big battle in parliament

Aleem Khan -- no more a friend of PM Khan -- stage set to big battle in parliament

By Irum Saleem

    Here comes an entry of an alleged big financer of PTI rallies, Aleem Khan, in a different way. No more he is a friend of Prime Minister Imran Khan. 

    A million dollar question is whether he will support the opposition’s no-confidence motion against Khan or not.

    Aleem announced joining hands with disgruntled PTI big gun Jahangir Tareen apparently to teach a lesson to Khan who used to ditch his friends. 

    Talking to reporters after he met with over two dozen PTI lawmakers from the group of Tareen,  Aleem Khan said Tareen had played a massive part in the PTI’s rise to power.

“This  group held a meeting to send the message that Tareen is not forgotten. Tareen had played a crucial role in the history of the party, and lamented the fact that he was later sidelined.” Aleem did not commit support for PM Khan when asked where he and his group would go in case no trust move is present against Khan in the parliament.

    There are many chances that the government may unleash National Accountability Bureau at Aleem who had already undergone NAB jail in assets beyond means case. He is currently on bail and it may be re-opened if he remained persistent to support the opposition move. 

     In coming days many more surprises are waiting for PM Khan. Let’s see if Khan may dissolve the assembly. One never knows. PAK DESTINY

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