Ali Zafar’s ‘Veenaism’ in india going unnoticed in pakistan

By Sadia Shah

Lahore, April 30 ( Will anyone tell us as why Pakistani actresses working here and across the border are targeted when they are found indulging in ‘immoral’ activities. Why we are tend to spare our male actors. Singer-cum actor Ali Zafar is a case in point.

Our rock star kisses an indian girl and make love scenes with her and no one including our media bothered to questions him. Rather it is a perceived understanding that ‘men have inborn right to be immoral’.

Nobody has questioned Ali Zafar’s bold scenes in his flick “London Paris New York.” No Mullah has come out and issued a ‘fatwa’ against him’. Isn’t it surprising? When it comes to Veena Malik or Meera daggers are drawn for their obscene and bold shoots and for their affairs with Muslim and non-Muslim boyfriends.

How ironic it is when girls expose themselves they are called ‘characterless’.

What Meera and Veena did in our neighbour country is a shameful act for our society but Ali Zafar’s one is something we are taking pride in?

If Muslim women have no right to expose their body, who gave such rights to males like ‘Ali Zafar’ whose latest photo shoot is also obscene by any standard.

When Veena is seen sleeping in same blankets with an Indian guy (Ashmit) but when Zafar did the same ‘it is not objectionable’.

Why our society forgets the fact that not only women are responsible to maintain the image and dignity of our country, males are equally responsible too. It shows we are male chauvanistic society, isn’t it. But not to forget if our religion has some restrictions for females it equally applies to males as well.

The poor Zafar these days is also being targeted by Indian media for luring Indian heart throb Katrina Kaif. Even he is bullied by Salu Bhai for his attempt to hit a jackpot. Interestingly our media did not cover it which often does not miss such chance if our female features in such a case.


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