Anchor Asma Sherazi ditches Dawn News for BOL

By Raza Ruman
Islamabad (Pak Destiny) Anchor Asma Sherazi ditched DawnNews and joined the bandwagon of BOL on a lucrative package.
Sherazi who a best female anchor award on ethical journalism in New York by using the platform of Dawn which is known for ethical journalism “gets unethical” in order to make more money.
Sources told Pak Destiny that Dawn management had offered her raise in her pay but she said what the BOL media group is offering her it cannot match with it.
Geo stalwarts – Kamran Khan and Iftikahr Ahmed – who are with BOL have reportedly picked Sherazi for her new destination. “She also feels good in the company of her old colleagues of Geo,” they said.
Let’s see how many more anchors run for money to join BOL in coming days. – Pak Destiny

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