Anchor Moeed Pirzada’s ‘failed attempt’ to get his father’s money

By Raza Ruman

‘Saint’ anchorperson Dr Moeed Pirzada has been arrested in Abu Dhabi for allegedly trying to illegally acquire the property of his ailing father in the UAE.
Arrested on Aug 4, Pirzada who otherwise made good bucks from the TV journalism, tried to get the share of his siblings in his father’s property.
He earlier tweeted that he was was going abroad to spend time with his father, who he said was critically ill. But in actual he was “after his money”.
There seems to be a race among the Pakistani anchorpersons as who makes how much. After looting the owner of BOL Sohaib Sheikh, a good number of anchors of his team joined other groups just to make more bucks. Some other anchors two are switching one TV channel to another for ‘better package’.
The poor Pirzada is in hot waters as he may not ‘influence’ the Abu Dhabi police like he could have in Pakistan. After all anchorpersons are ‘big guns’ in Pakistan. – Pakdestiny also reported Pirzada has been charged with forging documents.Foreign Office confirmed the arrest of Moeed Pirzada by UAE authorities in Abu Dhabi.
“Moeed was arrested on August 4, he did speak to Pakistani Embassy before his arrest,” FO spokesman Qazi Khalilullah told
The spokesman, however, declined to give details about the nature of charges levelled against Pirzada by UAE authorities.
He said the embassy is in touch with UAE government and Moeed as well, “we are extending every possible cooperation to him”. Moeed Pirzada is currently working as a lead anchor with Waqt News and is a columnist for The Nation. His Facebook page introduces him as a known media and political commentator who has worked with GEO, ARY, Dunya News and PTV in different roles.

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