Another BOL runaway Asma Sherazi finds ‘refuge’ in 92-News

By Sarmad Ali

Islamabad ( After KK another BOL runaway Asma Sherazi has found ‘refuge’ in the 92News as no mainstream channel showed interest in her.
While Kamran Khan has been taken onboard by Dunya TV, Asma Sherazi could not manage to find a place in big channels. Her last channel, DawnNews, also showed no interest in taking her back although the Pakistan Broadcasters Association had declared that the BOL journalists will be accommodated in their previous channels.
After joining the 92News Sherazi like other anchors ridiculously stated that “My relation with the masses is old one”. Is a politician or anchor. All such anchors who try to be the ‘awaam (masses) representatives should better quit journalism and join politics before making such non-sensical and stupid statements.
Has the money – millions of rupees the BOL anchors received from Shoiab Sheikh – been no more with them – easy come easy go – or they want to remain on the screen to make themselves alive in the journalism business.
Lets see how many more other BOL runaway anchors fins their place in which channel. Pakdestiny

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