Another PML-N ‘tout’ journalist – Mushtaq Mihas – becomes Azad Kashmir minister


  • Long list of PML-N favourite journalists
  • Attaul Haq Qasmi – PTV chairman
  • Irfan Siddiqui, adviser to the PM
  • Absar Alam, PEMRA chief
  • Najam Sethi, PCB de-factor chairman
  • Iftikhar Ahmed, Vice-Chairman PHA
  • Muhammad Malik (managing director PTV, recently his tenure expired, and now he is again looking for more favours from the Sharifs)

By Kiran Bokhari

( Another PML-N ‘tout’ journalist/anchor Mushtaq Minhas today took oath of a minister becoming the first ‘darbari journalist’ minister of Azad Kashmir Assembly’s history.

Nusrat Javed must be upset today seeing his co-anchor getting the reward for licking the boots of the Sharifs. It’s shameful for the journalist community that more and more from their community are licking the boots of one politician or another and getting reward in return.

muhammad-malicknajam-sethi absar-alam

There has been a long list of PML-N boot-lickers in journalist community who have been rewarded by the PML-N government of late. The list includes includes Attaul Haq Qasmi (PTV chairman), Irfan Sadiqui (adviser to the PM), Absar Alam (PEMRA chief), Najam Sethi of Geo (PCB de-facto chairman), Iftikhar Ahmed of Geo (Vice-Chairman PHA), Muhammad Malik (managing director PTV, recently his tenure expired, and now he is again looking for more favours from the Sharifs).

iftikhar-ahmed irfan-siddiqui ata-ul-haq-qasmi


Mustaq Minhas who earlier was with Aaj and BoL media groups is latest addition to the list of tout PML-N journalists/anchors. These guys are openly taking favours and also practicing journalism… what a conflict of interest and matter of shame for our country’s journalism.

Although there are allegations that many journalists are covertly supporting PMLN and other political outfits and establishment but such journalists should take ‘some shame’ in accepting top portfolios from the PML-N government. -Pak Destiny


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