PMLN footprints on every illegal appointment in Punjab University under Mujahid Kamran…. one classic example of Lubna Zaheer

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By Nazim Malik

The PMLN’s footprints in any government institution are still visible. Just take the example of the Punjab University former vice chancellor Mujahid Kamran who doled out hundreds of vacancies illegally at the behest of PMLN.

Kamran who is in NAB custody is accused of appointing over 500 persons against merit. He also obliged a number of females either on his own or at the behest of PMLN guys.
A few cases in point show this Kamran went to every extend to violate the law.
Lubna Zaheer of PU Institute of Communication Studies is one of the classic examples of this blatant violation of merit.

“Lubna was hired in the ICS teaching faculty on the safarish of PMLN’s Pervaiz Rashid and Irfan Saddiqui. Later she was made part of many government organisations including PTV, Pakistan Radio and PEMRA.”

Lubna was also provided a research officer by Kamran to help her in completing her PhD. Perhaps this was the only such example in the varsity’s history.

She was later elevated in the the ICS. “She was earning in the previous PMLN regime more than Rs1m only from different government departments thanks to her right connection,” a source said.
There are several other irrgularities Prof Kamran committed during his nine-year tenure lik Sana Navid, Akram Somroo and Shazia were appointed assistant professors in the ICS as their posts were not advertised.

Similarly VC Kamran obliged many including journalists of the local city channels by awarding their relatives contract of canteens in the PU.

There are a number of other departments where Kamran obliged many primarily at the behest of the PMLN leadership.

The NAB is conducting a thorough probe into these irregularities and illegalities.
Let’s see the incumbent VC Dr Niaz takes action against all illegal appointees and correct Kamran’s wrongdoings. Pak Destiny

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