Arrogant Waqar playing with the team by dropping Sarfraz

By Sarmad Ali

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) Arrogant Waqar Younis is not picking up Sarfraz Ahmed in the playing eleven only because he had questioned his omission from the team against India.
Umer Aakmal is dropping catches behind the stamps, Nasir Jamshad has made 5 runs in three matches but neither captain Misbaul Haq nor Waqar Younis picking up Sarfraz. Why… the simple reply is… Waqar wants to punish him because he had questioned him as why he was dropped against India. “Waqar yelled at him and declared that you will stay out of the whole tournament,” a source close to the development told Pak Destiny.
Known match-fixer of his time Waqar is not bothered whether the Pak Team wins or lose he just want to satisfy his ego. Timid Misbah is too weak to challenge Waqar’s decision.
God helps Pak cricket. Pak Destiny

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