Arsalan Iftikhar shifting his ‘huge wealth’ to Australia

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, Dec 19 (Pak Destiny) Dr Arsalan Iftikhar, son of retired chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, is finally shifting all his wealth to Australia.
A friend of Arsalan told Pak Destiny that the billionaire-son of Iftikhar Chaudhry has chosen Australia his future destination.
“Arsalan is shifting all his wealth to Australia after his father agrees that Pakistan is no more a ‘safe place’ for him after his retirement.”
Arsalan’s friend on the condition of anonymity further said the opposition parties especially Pakistan People’s Party and property tycoon Malik Riaz are planning to move the Pakistani courts to question as how Arsalan has made a wealth and assets worth over Rs1 billion being a grade-17 officer by starting a ‘mysterious business’ in two to three years time.
“Iftikhar Chaudhry has categorically told his son (Arsalan) that I could no longer protect you and your huge wealth as I am not given guarantee from my friends in judiciary.”
Malik Riaz had filed a case against Arsalan in Supreme Court last year alleging that Arsalan had received Rs400 million from him through blackmail. “Arsalan had been getting money from me through blackmailing tactics. He warned that if I stopped paying him he would get unfavourable verdicts in the cases pending in his father’s court (Iftikhar) against me,” Riaz said.
Quoting Arsalan he said: “The decisions will cause you billion of rupees loss if my father gives one verdict against you,” Riaz told media.
The exchange of money between Riaz and Arsalan took place in Britain. Besides, Riaz arranged Arsalan’s luxurious foreign trip along with his girl friend at European destinations.
PPP Secretary-General Sardar Latif Khosa had also revealed that Arsalan had Rs900 million in the Pakistani banks apart from his other assets when the ‘corruption of a son in the name of his father’ was surfaced last year.
Arsalan got away with his huge wealth he got from Riaz and other channels as his father was chief justice. Even one-member commission gave him ‘clean chit’.
Now his father is no more CJ, Arsalan is busy finding ‘safe heaven’ for him and his ill-gotten money. Will he be manage to do so, only time will tell.
It will be interesting to see whether Malik Riaz, who earlier had announced taking his case against Arsalan Iftikhar to a Britain court after failing to get justice from Iftikhar-led court, decides to go after Arsalan in Australia and files a case against him there to get back his money. – Pak Destiny


Dr. Arsalan Iftikhar


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