As faces matter — NAB officers assets can’t be disclosed

By Zain Khan

Information Commission of Pakistan has denied to provide assets details of Chairman and Director Generals of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) of Pakistan.

A citizen named Rana Asadullah filed an application with it using his right to information and demanded the assets of chairman and director generals NAB should be made public. He also requested to provide a complete detail of the assets of NAB officers and their family members.

Mr. Asad also asked to give the record of their assets before and after they held the charge in NAB.
Information Commissioner Zahid Abdullah while hearing the appeal, rejected it saying, “it is not in the public interest to reveal the assets details of the officers concerned.

He observed the commission will not provide such data in order to safeguard the privacy of officers.
In the judgment, Mr. Zahid stated, “Commission will not provide data of Chairman, Director Generals, and Assistant Directors of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to ensure their safety and privacy”.
Moreover, the applicant has sent several petitions directly to NAB seeking the data of assets of its officers but to no avail. Thereafter he filed an appeal in Information Commission.

In our country, safety and privacy are only for officers, bureaucrats and judges. Politicians and citizens have no rights of safety and privacy but they are accountable, says a journalist.
It can be said faces are seen not cases. —PAK DESTINY

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