NAB chairman Bokhari accuses Jang media group of maligning him and his organization

Islamabad, Jan 28 ( National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman Fasih Bokhari has finally spoken against Jang media group of holding his and his organization media trial.

Fasih in his letter to president Zardari has clearly hinted as how one section of media group (Jang media group) is maligning him. “Probably this media group is pressing hard to get away with billions of rupees tax evasion through bringing NAB under pressure”.

On Sunday Fasih forwarded his resignation to President Zardari. Expressing reservations over the role of the Supreme Court, NAB chairman said he would resign if his concerns were not addressed. The statement was made in a letter, earlier sent to President Zardari.

He said that pressure was built up on NAB by giving verbal orders and contempt notices, adding that the apex court didn’t even provide sufficient time to implement its orders.

Fasih Bokhari further said that he cannot ensure impartiality under this constant pressure from the Supreme Court.

He objected to the judicial proceedings into Kamran Faisal and tax defaulters’ case while in Ogra case, he termed the orders to file references against politicians as an act of pre-poll rigging. (

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