Asma Jehangir endorses brutal police action against PTI, PAT in her hatred against army

By Raza Ruman
Islamabad (Pak Destiny) In her hatred against Pakistan army known lawyer and rights activist Asma Jehangir is literally abusing Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri for challenging the Nawaz government.
In different TV channels she I openly accusing army behind the protest marches of Khan and Qadri. Even a PML-N tout could not defend Nawaz Sharif and his policies the way Asma is doing.
“Asma could go to any extend in her hatred against Pak army. Since she received threats which she perceived from ISI she had been a critic of ISI and army. And now she feels the army has set Khan and Qadri against Nawaz. It was criminal on her part today that she launched a scathing attack on the protesters in Islamabad despite the police attack that injured over 300 people including women and children as she said they were trying to enter parliament. It is criminal to endorse police brutality.” – Pak Destiny

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