Badami rejoins ARY after getting frustrated with BOL’s delayed launch

By Iram Salim

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) Frustrated over an inordinate delay in the launch of BOL TV, anchor Wasim Badami has rejoined ARY as holy month of Ramazan is approaching and he desperately wants to run his ‘madari show’.

The BOL administration had told its bigwig staff that the channel would be launched on March 23 this year. However, it failed to hire the other staff which caused delay in its launch.
Badami’s Ramazan show on ARY had a good viewership. “As the Ramazan is over a month away Badami got frustrated and expressed his willingness to the ARY management to rejoin the channel,” sources in ARY told Pakdestiny.
They said Badami will do his regular talk show on ARY and also the Ramazan special shown. “It has yet to be decided whether singer-turne-maulvi Junaid Jamshad will accompany him in the Ramazan show who is facing blasphemy charges and was hiding in the US,” they said.
It will be interesting to see how many more anchors of BOL get frustrated over its launch and return to their previous channels.

Axact and BOL’s Chairman and CEO, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh Statement

BOL Media Group, Pakistan’s largest media conglomerate, is set to bring about a revolution in the country’s media industry by completely transforming the news and entertainment arena. To meet this objective, the group is hiring prominent journalists and anchorpersons from throughout Pakistan.
A massive recruitment movement is in process and at times, some individuals may be recruited who have a different career trajectory in mind. In this case, these individuals are free to pursue their calling and Wasim Badami is one of them. BOL wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavors and a farewell event will be organized by the BOL team.
“We wish Wasim Badami good luck in his future endeavors” Shiekh said.

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