Balighur Rehman leaves Punjab governor office for PPP’s Salim Haider but he will be remembered for his illegal act to favour Shehbaz’s blue-eyed Ahad Cheema

By Irum Saleem

   As PPP’s Sardar Salim Haider Khan took oath as 40th Governor of Punjab at Governor House Lahore on Friday one feels pity on outgoing governor Balighur Rehman who got  tainted at the end of his tenure on order to give a huge illegal relief to Shehbaz Sharif’s blue-eyed Ahad Cheema.

    Balighur Rehman who otherwise had a clean media image got tainted to prove his loyalty to the Sharifs.

    Rehman not only forced Aitchison College principal to waive off the fee of Ahad Cheema’s children but also set a bad example for his successors.

     Cheema on the other hand exerted influence on Rehman through Shehbaz Sharif to get illegal favour although he had billions to pay off that meagre fee if Rs4m.

     Even the local media advises Cheema that had he got so poor he should have requested his other colleague Aleem Khan in the federal cabinet to pay off the fee of his children.

     It was a big matter of shame for both Rehman and Cheema. This illegal act will be cited when the names of these two come. PAK DESTINY

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