How to become an honest nation – some suggestions

By Fyyaz Butt

(Pak Destiny) It is not possible that we sleep tonight and tomorrow morning we all come out as an honest nation. Please allow me to get our leaders into the camp of our nation. It is a struggle for making our nation disciplined.

Visualize a path way on the mountains or hilly areas on which everybody has an ultimate freedom to walk. Think about that path as a discipline on which one has to walk otherwise he / she falls into canyon (کھائی    گہری   انتہائی ). So, we choose to make paths along with canyons for our nations on every aspect of life. It never means that we do not have any rules and regulations. We do have…overhear, we are talking about its implementation and to make some new / interesting canyon.

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Today, we just want to float an idea to make our nation disciplined with reference to obedience of traffic rules. In normal practice, whenever anyone from general public disobeys traffic rules. He has to pay fine to the government regulatory authorities. Is it government revenue? government revenues are used to run its operation.  Fine is only a small punishment enough?

Its ultimate aim is to give some lessons to the offender which helps in controlling the future offences. Unfortunately, traffic wardens has to get targets of making challans. Essence of challans is not to punish the people but to collect more and more revenues. This approach does not reflect good governance. Normally people settle this type of issues and could not learn any lesson. We are sure that the actual aim of the fine could not be achieved.

Thus  an interesting punishment needs to be suggested for those who disobey traffic rules –  red light signal etc. An offender of traffic rules should not be punished in terms of money. He should be confined behind the bar for 2 to 3 hours. A small prison 10 feet by 8 feet just on the foot path near the signal can be made for this purpose where a person, who disobeys red light may be caught and put behind the bar for a little time. People may make some photographs of offenders and upload on social media for fun—-It may be an interesting canyon.

A Pilot project may be started in Lahore Chairing Cross; we can visualize it as under:

Inline image 2

–Pak Destiny


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