Heroes’ Vs Villains of Pakistan

Heroes’ Vs Villains of Pakistan

By Fayyaz Butt

Today I am in a waiting area of a bus terminal  leaving Lahore for Khanewal, just thinking about the heroes of Pakistan.

Currently, survival of our nation is that how much foreign reserves we have — unfortunately not much in national kitty.

Whosoever earns foreign exchange for Pakistan is our hero.

But think about a person who earns in Pakistan converts into Foreign Currency and takes away from Pakistan. Is he our hero or Villain? — certainly he is a villain. Isn’t he?

This arises so many questions like: People in Public Services earn their salaries and now getting  pensions from Pakistan but living abroad and having their properties in abroad; and the               people from General Public did business in Pakistan earned a lot and then got foreign nationality and moved in foreign countries living there. May doing some sort of Business over there etc…

A Migrant boat drowned in the waters between Libya and Greece caused death of 300 Pakistanis who choose to go abroad for earning their lively hoods for themselves and their belongs in Pakistan but drowned. There act was illegal but aim was to earn foreign exchange and remit to Pakistan!

Question arises who are they (300 Migrants) heroes or villains? — PAK DESTINY

From Fayyaz Butt's diary
From Fayyaz Butt’s diary

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