Big setback for Sethi after his front man exposed

By Iram Salim

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) Big setback for Najam Sethi, chairman PCB executive committee, as his front man Moin Khan, chief selector, has been recalled from Australia on the charges of arranging the meeting of some Pakistani players with the bookies in a casino at Christ Church.
Najam Sethi had planted Moin in the PCB despite strong reservations from all quarters that he was a tainted cricketer.
Pakistan media has lashed out at Moin Khan on reports that he had gone to Casino in Christ Church ahead of Pakistan’s all important West Indies match.
On public and media pressure the PCB today recalled Moin from Australia and handed over his powers to the team manager, Navid Akran Cheema.
“We have launched an investigation over the reports that Moin Khan visited a casino and recalled him. Action will be taken if the reports are proven true,” Shaharyar Khan, the chairman of the PCB, told reporters.
“Yes, the PCB chairman has asked me to investigate the affair,” Cheema said in Australia without going into details or what action will be taken against Moin.Pakistan team manager Naveed Cheema confirmed that an inquiry had been launched.

Former PCB chairman Najam Sethi, who is now a member of the governing board, had thrown his weight behind the former wicketkeeper, while current chief Shaharyar Khan was strictly in favour of ordering Moin back to Pakistan.
Highly placed sources told Pak Destiny that Sethi had installed his front man – Moin Khan – along with the Pakistani team in order to ensure what many have no idea. And the result every one knows now. “Sethi will soon be exposed for the game he was playing to install his men in the PCB.”
On teh other hand, the Jang/Geo media group is playing down Moin’s episode in order to save the skin of its anchor Sethi. Its a sham that the media group is hiding truth only because its anchor is involved in wrong doing. – Pak Destiny

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