Bilawal is angry with his father for his “love for Sharifs”

By Sarmad Ali

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) BILAWAL Bhutto is not happy with his father’s “friendly policy” towards Nawaz Sharif and his party and decided to make a hard hitting speech without his consultation.

PPP sources told Pak Destiny that Bilawal had asked Asef Ali Zardari to start issuing hard statements against Nawaz Sharif and company so that the PPP could tell the people that they were not with the PML-N government. But his father said Nawaz Sharif is his younger brother and he could not target him. On this Bilawal got angry and chose the occasion of Eid on Monday to not only target Nawaz but also Altaf Hussain and Imran Khan.

The sources said Bilawal had been totally convinced that PTI would route the PPP in Punjab completely, and partly in Sindh if it remained a ‘B Team’ of PMLN.

Zardari is camping in Lahore these days to stop its important party members from saying ‘good bye’ to join the PTI. Lets see if he succeeds. — Pak Destiny

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