Bilawal lowers his stature accompanying Sharif

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, March 11 (Pak Destiny) Bilawal Bhutto has lowered his stature by accompanying Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to drought-hit area of Thar in Sindh.
“Bilawal should have visited the affected people on his own instead of accompanying with a man whom he openly tags as Taliban sympathizer,” many in PPP say.
“Now how will Bilawal take on Sharif in days to come. I think he still needs a lot of political training,” a PPP leader said.
Earlier, taking on Sharif is the hallmark of every speech of Bilawal. Pakistan Tahrik-i-Insaf had also lamented Bilawal for calling Imran Khan ‘darpok khan’ and a ‘friend of Taliban’. Who knows in coming days he is seen with Imran Khan on any such occasion. — Pak Destiny

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