BOL facing problems in hiring reporters & newsroom staff, launching delayed

By Iram Salim

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) As the BOL Media group has failed to meet its March 23 deadline, it is finding difficulties in hiring reporters and newsroom staff at various stations.
As BOL has hired an army of ‘anchors’ with Jasmeen Manzoor the latest one, it appears that some of the hired anchors would be engaged in news reading.
A good number of reporters and newsroom staff of known publications have refused to accept the ‘salary package’ the BOL offered to them because it wasn’t attractive, a little better than they are already drawing.
The BOL is also upset for not meeting its deadline to launch the channel. There has been no consensus on the new launching date. AXACT and BOL CEO Shoiab Sheikh and Azhar Abbas are reportedly upset over delay in the launch. They want BOL News TV launch this month but because of delay in hiring reporters, correspondents and newsroom staff it is likely that the management may not be able to launch the news channel in even coming two months. Pak Destiny

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