BOL shutdown: Salman Iqbal ‘disappears’ – will BOL employees hold sit-in outside ARY offices?

By Sarmad Ali

(Pakdestiny) Will someone in the Pak media dares to ask Salman Iqbal, CEO ARY, for closing down BOL TV despite his tall claims that he will run this project and take care of the employees associated with it.
Its a shame that a month after his announcement of taking over BOL TV, he shut down its operations and did not even release a single penny for the employees of BOL who were jubilant to hear that they would get salaries from ARY media group.
Why Mr Iqbal, who is facing contempt of court proceedings in Supreme Court along with anchor Mubashir Lucman, is not responding to the BOL employees queries for backing out of his commitment. Where are the journalist bodies? Will they give a sit-in outside the ARY offices across the country. If they don’t the BOL employees should do so. Pak Destiny

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