Bollywood stars and their replicas but SRK’s seems edited

Just have a glimpse and they look like twin brothers.  But look  closely and you realise they resemble Bollywood actors.

Here is a list of  “facsimiles”of Famous Indian celebrities who surprisingly, reside some where on  the same globe.

1.Salman Khan’s Look alike

Source: India Forums

Did you know that Pakistan is  fortunate enough to own a  Salman Khan? Surprisingly, Dabang Actor “Salman Khan” has a replica who resides right in his neighboring country. Hussain Saleem, an average man from Sialkot in Pakistan looks exactly like the beloved Bollywood actor. Meet the Pakistani version of Salman Khan!

2. Shahrukh Khan’s look alike


Shahrukh Khan’s look alike makes ends meet by selling samosas in Indore while King Khan is making billions in Bollywood.What a contrast in fortunes! The name of this samosa selling SRK’s replica could not be confirmed though.

3. John Abraham’s look alike

Source: ListFives

The hot and sizzling actor,John Abraham also has  look alike somewhere round the globe.He is a Muslim guy called Mubashir Malik. Have a look at this picture and you can judge for yourself that I am not kidding at all.

4. Saif Ali Khan’s look alike

Source: Story Pick

Karina’s love, Saif Ali Khan would be no less than astonished to know about his carbon copy existing on this spherical globe. But unfortunately his looks couldn’t fetch him as much fame as Khan and so he makes a living by working at a petrol station in India.Have a look at Saif’s photo copy.

5. Ranbir Kapoor’s look alike


The debonair Ranbir Kapoor’s look alike was spotted in Srinigar Kashmir. Junaid Shah is pursuing his MBA from Kashmir University. He also aspires to kick start his career in modeling soon after completing his MBA. Check out this picture and you’ll see for yourself that someone on this earth can look like Ranbir too.

6. Aditya Roy Kapoor’s look alike

Bhopal is luckily the home town of Shishir Sharma, the Xerox Aditya Roy Kapur. This guy is from the field of engineering and has done his BTech from Bansal Institute of Technology. Aditya would surely love to meet this guy.

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