BOL’s obsession with Geo goes on, as it seems more interested in “re-branding Geo”

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) BOL Media Group seems to be obsessed with GeoNews as it consuming all its energies and resources to clip its anchors and other staff for its venture.
As BOL has got on board top names of GeoNews – Azhar Abbas, Kamran Khan and Iftikhar Ahmed – so far and a lot more from Geo list is also on the joining of the BOL in coming days, making one wonders whether a new news channel – BOL News – is being launched or it is a ‘relaunching of GeoNews’.
All those missing GeoNews on cable will be happy to see its whole team with new brand name “BOL” it seems.
It appears the BOL management is not launching its news channel rather interested in re-branding GeoNews to cash on its viewership.
The BOL management should better apply for renaming its channel someone from its team should do a programme after its launch and its title should be like somewhat – BOL KAR GEO. — Pak Destiny
This blog is written by Raza Ruman

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