Broken marriages –victims are children

By Sana Batool

(Pak Destiny) Broken heart, crystal eyes, scattered dreams, childhood loss and no shelter on God’s earth!

I am talking about those children, whose parents write sorrow in their fate. Today I am talking about both genders men and women not only one, because this issue belongs to both of them.

Those are the children, whose parents snatch shelter from their own children. When parents become separated children get suffered, God’s earth tightened on them. They have even inheritance but lived like an orphan children.

Men or women, whenever change their way in married life; children suffered a lot; because man find a new wife and woman also find new husband but children don’t find parents at any cost. Why parents don’t think about their children and not even think about who is responsible of their children after separation…

Cruel society maltreated such type of children. Marriage is a big responsibility. This responsibility not only belongs to men but also women, and they should spend life very honestly.

If one of them is not willing to fulfill the responsibility so he or she should avoid to tie up in a divine relationship. Because when divorce occur mostly those children suffered who came in

the world as a result of this marriage; those innocent flowers become dry if one of them quit.

In Pakistan, proportion of these kind of children have been increasing day bay day. Such children don’t getting proper education and basic needs. If they have a chance to get education, they don’t get education properly because they are mentally disturb. They missed their parents and house that’s why they don’t pay full attention in life. Sometimes, they become more silent, sometimes they express aggression.

further, In young age they send for earning money to support their family. That is the main reason, child labor have been increasing in our country.

As usual, these kind of children treat like servant and low level creatures. Every child deserve equal love, whatever he or she belongs to upper class, lower class and orphan. Mostly broken family’s children don’t have complete personality. Somewhere, they have complexes.

When they grow up, they express their complex in different ways. They also involve in different negative activities. All these kind of complexes and activities have to bear by society.

They lost their innocent childhood somewhere. They neither die nor live! Such children’s life story are miserable. Whole life they lived their parent’s decision. Maybe parents forget their decision but children lived it In every moment.

Childhood of these children came to an end, on the very day, when parents impose their separation decision on them. Society’s stumble became their fate. That’s why, we should refrain assertive, unplanned , childhood marriage and emotional decision. That kind of decision effects on up coming generation.

Divorce is the most unlike thing among ‘GOD’s valid thing. So think about their children before use this right; women also think about it before taking decision and must give every possible sacrifice; because a woman maybe selfish but a mother won’t.

Mostly, after separation mother hold responsibilities of their children. commonly, Men become free from all responsibilities and ready for next marriage, is this right? Actually, our society

developed mind of men in such way; he never brought up his children properly so he should give children to mother!

Why father never think at least once, how his children will live in other home. Will other support those like him? If he doesn’t think; so he must think about this before taking decision because he had a power to destroyed anything or save everything , if he wants, he can save his children’s life, future, happiness, smile, innocent childhood.  – Pak Destiny

Sana Batool is a  blogger
She possesses post-graduation degree in mass communication from Punjab University Lahore

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