Buget woes: Economic plight of the common man remains unchanged


(Pakdestiny.com)    Every year budgets are presented with lofty slogans and claims but plight of common man remains unchanged.A common man’s resources are so minimum that their daily life nessecites are not fulfilled, What to talk of their health and education and good quailty of life. If there are good economic reforms the trickle down effect  has always been minimal. A common man has never been a beneficiary of any good ecnomic incentive or reform. It is irony of the fate that even the prosperous segment of society is taking all benefits or any economic initiative taken for boosting the economy.

Even in the current national budget, any initiative which could reduce the reginol disparities amongst various parts of the country is non  existant. The government have always taken steps to develop and allocate more resources in the already developed cities, consequently the remote areas  are not a focus of the government like South punjab, Balochistan and interior sindh. Likewise with the passage of time the gap between rich and poor is widening constantly. Also, No provison exists in the budget which can address this issue.

Whenever the federal budget is announced , defecit financing is undertaken by the government in order to meet the expenditures of the public sector which increases the supply of money which causes de valuation of money, Hence creating inflation in the economy.

However, it is amusing that the economic policy makers of the country are loaded with wealth themselves how can we expect them to realise the condition of a common man?— The Blog is written by  Mujtaba Amjad who is an ‘O’ level student of Aitchison College Lahore.




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