Call to sack ‘snob AB de Villiers’ from Lahore Qalandars after his shameful act

Call to sack 'snob AB de Villiers' from Lahore Qalandars after his shameful act

By Iram Salim

The shameful act of ‘snubbing’ Lahore Qalandars owner Rana Fawad by former South African cricketer AB de Villiers has him earned a lot of flak on social media.

A.B now the captain of Qalandars is trolled for showing a racist in him during his birthday last night.

The video went viral in which the snob cricketer is willfully ignoring Rana who in his innocent style just wants bite of a cake from his hand.
The shameful South African cricketer’s real face of loath has been exposed to Pakistanis and cricket lovers.

In protest Rana missed Sundays match of Qalandars against Peshawar.
There has been call from Lahore fans to boot out AB de Villiers from the Lahore team.
Shame on this racist. Pak Destiny

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