Capital TV employees not getting dues

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) Capital TV is back in news for the same old wrong reason – not paying on time salary to its staff.
Its employees in an open letter say, “We the employees of Capital TV are at the mercy of capitalist policies of the management as already they are getting their monthly salary at the end of every month. The salary of November 2013 has not been paid to dozens of employees of Capital TV. Those employees who left Capital TV after giving them proper notice have not been paid their single peney.”
Where are PUJF and press clubs why don’t their voice against this injustice.
Another employee says: “Many other news channels are not paying their employees except extracting their abilities to make famous so called journalists. A person who earns almost one million rupees monthly for a show in Prime Time Slot… cant even pay few thousands to his / her researchers….” Pak Destiny

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