Celebrities who died young but not Moomal Khalid

Just saw this video compilation of Pakistani celebrities who died at young age. To see Moomal Khalid in the list of died celebrites was a bit shocking. Not heard of any ailment or accident of Moomal. Than verified from our source that Moomal Khalid is thankfully alive and well and that was just a rumor. | PakDestiny

Actually she had a car accident in 2015 and got minor injuries but her faince died in that accident. Here are the details of  that accident : Young Pakistani model and television actress Moomal Khalid got severely injured in a car crash that killed her fiancé on 20 January 2015 but Moomal escaped death and she started working in industry again.

The couple was driving to the airport when they got up with an unfortunate accident. The young actress’ car had a severe collision with another vehicle that killed her fiancé who was driving the car.

Watch Video : Celebrities who died young but not Moomal Khalid

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